Integral leadership philosophy

Self modelling

The concept of Modelling is at the roots and heart of Integral Leadership. We now have the tools to enable us to discover how someone does something and even to be able to replicate it. With Self-Modelling we start to explore what we can do well and learn to apply it in other contexts of our lives. I may be good at organising a dinner party and not realise that I could apply these skills to organising my work schedule. I may be really good at gaining rapport with my clients and not realise that these very skills would enable me to get on better with my teenage children. Self-Modelling helps us to start the process of moving towards...

Personal mastery

We shall be inviting you to explore what it is that you really want in life. This might be earning ten times your current salary, or becoming the best parent you could ever be, or the best leader you could be, or to continue further along on your spiritual path...
Whatever it is we shall be inviting you to achieve whatever it is that you perceive as Personal Mastery and part of that journey is...

Putting myself at cause

So many people in life consider themselves at Effect. They respond to whatever the world throws at them. Like corks they bob along on the river of life going wherever the current wants to take them - dashed against the rocks, thrown up on the shore, rushed down the weir to oblivion…… When we start to put ourselves at Cause we begin a new journey in which we know where we are going because we have a map. We have prepared well and have all of the supplies that we need. And we have the flexibility to respond to whatever happens. An aeroplane is going in the wrong direction for 90 - 95% of the time but has the flexibility to get to that tiny runway on some distant Greek island...

Communicating excellently

We do not exist on our own and we need to be in communication with others to achieve our Outcomes and also to be able to enable them to achieve theirs. A great part of our programme will be about learning to communicate with others even more excellently.

Working ecologically

One definition of Ecology is 'the study of consequences'. We shall be inviting you to study the consequences of your thoughts, actions and behaviours for you and also others around you. The setting of a Well-Formed Outcome means that you will have explored the consequences from all possible angles which will enable you to really achieve what you want in life - confident in the knowledge that it is Ecological.

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