Special Announcement - after 25 years it is time for a change: the ILP goes in-house

9th November 2010

After 25 years it's time for a change

The Integral Leadership Team will celebrate the start of our 25th programme in January, making it our Silver Jubilee; unbelievably, Jenny also celebrates her Silver Jubilee as she will have worked with Rich for 25 years. For these reasons, we have decided that it is time for a change and the 25th Integral Leadership programme will be our final open programme; and our 2010 Conference is our last. We will keep on running in-house Integral Leadership programmes, and work with teams using the IL tools.

More than 750 of you have graduated during the past 10 years, on our open and in-house programmes; in the past five years everyone has received an ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership.

This is not the end of our open executive development programmes for those who want to enhance their personal, professional, and organisational skills. Later this year, Rich and Peter McNab are joining forces with The Sheffield Business School and the University of Sheffield Management School to run the Business Engagement Programme, a sixteen-day programme that attracts a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Business Practice, and that constitutes one-third of a Master’s degree. We are also planning to run this programme in-house.

Steven Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” says that we should “Live, Learn, Love and Leave a Legacy”. We would like to add, “Laugh”; through the IL programme, we have all done that.

Jenny will be continuing to support the IL faculty and work alongside Rich. We would like to thank Jenny for all of her support over the years, and also mention the two Lynns without whom the two Peters would have found their jobs much more difficult. Finally, we would like to thank each and every IL participant for your participation and contribution to the programmes, which made them such great learning experiences and also so much fun; thanks for supporting the programme, us and each other.

With best wishes,

Rich, Peter, Peter & Jenny

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