Leadership training client testimonials

"A world class team teaching world class material."
Director - Leisure Group

"Many thanks for what was an exemplary programme. I am already being asked if I would recommend it (and I do and will continue to)."
Chief Executive

"Lots of new learnings, great as part of continuous development and all built around super camaraderie and networking opportunities."
Area Manager - Bank

"The course has provided me with a set of tools, which I know will transform my performance with practice and implementation at all levels of the organisation and personal life."
Chief Executive - Community organisation

"A rich and fertile place to learn and grow, with fun! Thank you."
Senior Management Development Manager - International Retailer

"An invaluable resource for life. An extraordinary amount of skill, knowledge and material given in warm, fun and inspiring way. Congratulations."
Trainer & Author

"Exciting and rewarding 10 days that will be implemented and used."
General Manager / Hotel Group

"Inspirational and Integrational (and a great bunch of participants). I look forward to knowing 35 emerging leaders."
Chief Executive

"I arrived with the perception that I could deliver excellent presentations. I am departing with a whole new 'tool kit' to continue to improve them. Who knows my limits!? Thanks for making it fun. Well done and good luck!"
Managing Director

"Integral Leadership has been an injection of energy with a toolkit to tackle every obstacle and show me the direction of future success for me, my family and my colleagues."
Regional Director

"Superb training in management theories linked through to their practical application."
Director / Chartered Accountant

"I think I have learned more from these 10 days than all my training in the past 15 years."
Senior Manager - Chartered Accountants

"The team's belief and commitment to the programme is self-evident; it gives me a confidence in the models, the effects they can have and my ability to implement them."
Senior Police Officer

"Truly a life-changing course - and I never thought I would say that about any course!"
Partner - Lawyer

"You only need one acorn to grow 1000 forests. This experience has given me the acorn - now to plant it deeper!!"
Leadership & Development Manager - International retailer

"In a different life, I should have studied in Sheffield - instead I have come back much later than originally planned and learned so much more that I would have. Thanks for a great 10 days and look forward to the sequel!"
Director - Leisure Industry

"1O days that shook the world (OK, give it time!) A great experience with great people."
Director - Civil Service

"What a privilege to be part of the group, to watch everybody grow and grow myself - a fabulous ten days"
Senior NHS consultant

"Many thanks to IL and my fellow participants for taking us all on a journey of discovery. It was sometimes confusing as to where we were but by the end it was clear we were better people, better equipped to go on to greater things. It all came together."
Director - Utilities Company

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