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If you consider any situation that you have been in, you can think about it from at least three different positions - Self, Other and Observer. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we call these Perceptual Positions. When we explore perceptual positions we start to develop the ability to experience relationships in a new way, developing the ability to see and to hear and to feel the relationship through the eyes and the ears and the emotions of the other person, developing the ability to explore the relationship through the eyes and ears of a neutral observer, a fly on the wall, a hidden video camera.

When we add these new dimensions to our current perspective we learn new ways of behaving that will enrich and enhance each and every relationship we are in. On a personal level you can use Perceptual Positions to explore your relationship with your partner, your children or your friends. On a professional level you can use it to explore your relationship with your boss, your colleagues, and your internal or external customers or clients.

The best way to get a feel for what Perceptual Positions can bring to your professional or personal life is to try it for yourself using a real-life relationship you would like to improve. Click now to try our online step by step virtual taster.


For more information on perceptual positions, including a description of the three positions - self, other and observer - click here >

(The material on these pages has been extracted from Peter McNab's new book, "Integral Relationships", to be published in the spring of 2005.)

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