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Peter McNab combines Wilber's 4 quadrants and the Graves value

Graves quadrants: Wilber's 4 quadrants and the Graves value systemGraves quadrants: the 4 quadrants & Grave's value system combined

By taking two powerful models - Wilbur's Four Quadrants and the Graves Value System - and superimposing them, Peter McNab has created a model for both diagnosing problems and prescribing possible solutions. At the very least, the model identifies the areas where attention needs to be placed. At its best, the model allows us to identify and track exactly those changes which need to be effected. Each quadrant may be at a different stage of readiness for the life conditions being experienced and it is this mismatch, which allows us to develop interventions in the appropriate way for each of the quadrants.

An Example of the Quadrants in practice

By taking the same examples as when the Quadrants were introduced, we can begin to map out the Graves values at play in each Quadrant.

"Health is all about fitness and diet - as long as I get those right I'll be OK." - Upper Right / Blue

"No, no. What you need to do is get rid of those unhealthy emotions and say your affirmations - feel and think healthy and you'll be healthy." - Upper Left / Purple & Green

"Actually, all you need to do is to join a therapy group where you can share all of your problems and emotions and you'll be fine." - Lower Left - Green

"The real way to good health is to join BUPA because they have all of the latest technology - that'll get you well." - Lower Right - Orange

Each of these perspectives has something to add to maintaining our Health but none of them will keep us healthy or get us well alone because each emphasises only one of the quadrants - in order, UR, UL, LL, LR.

You can exercise and diet as much as you like (UR - Blue) but if you break your leg you'll need a well-equipped surgery or hospital to help you (LR - Orange) but if as a society we don't believe in the value of healthcare for all (LL - Green) then the hospital will be run down and there will be no individuals willing and able to have the motivation (UL - Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow) to train as doctors and nurses but it doesn't matter how much you believe in your own good health (UL - Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow) it won't work unless you do something about your physical health and watch what you eat (UR - Purple, Blue) but however healthy you are as an individual that won't make a difference if you live right in the centre of a polluted city (LR - Orange, Green, Yellow) ... and so we go around the Graves Quadrants.

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Graves quadrants - Peter McNab combines the four quadrants & the Graves values model
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