Integral Leadership: the target model

The target modelThe target model: gather better quality information

The Target Model is a generic tool, which we use in several ways. In lots of interactions we very often rush straight in to the 'task', which often leads to failure.

With the 'Target Model', we suggest that you first consider your own emotional state - are you in a state that will help the interactions? If you are tense and nervous, it will be difficult to instil confidence in others. Attend to your own state before you work with others.

Next, build and maintain rapport with the other person. With this established you will be able to gather better qualityinformation. This will enable you to agree dovetailed outcomes and decide how you can achieve the outcome or task.

If you are not achieving at any movement during an exercise you might like to consider which part of the Target Model you have reached and then backtrack.

For example, if you cannot reach a well-formed outcome go back to gathering more information. If you do not feel that you have rapport, then attend to your own emotional state. This done, you can return to the Target Model, working inwards towards the task.

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